Porn Addiction-Pros and Cons

Comparing to the past days today is the era of interesting facts. It means that children’s, as well as an adolescent, is used with the touch of porn, as they can’t stay away from reading porn magazines and watching videos in porn websites concern with strange adventure. Children are using the internet in a unique way, and as they are watching these all in a manner of content depending on the mood and habits, you make to choose. Regarding the porn, there are so many festivals which are celebrated in all corners of the world, but bay area porn festival is one of them. If you are going t participate in the festival, then some essential things which are provided for it are necessary to be considered.

What are the pros?

  • It is healthy: every individual wants satisfaction because of their own habits, considering to the sex and watching porn, it is much healthy for a human being because it increases our stamina and makes the body in shape as a fitness freak.
  • Release stress: whenever a person is tired and full of laziness whether it’s physical or mental, the best solution to remove stress is to watch porn or do sex. For this issue, bay area porn festival plays an important role in our life to feel relaxed and make it feel happy.
  • Beneficial for a relationship: porn, as well as sex, is useful for a relationship because this help to change your mood instantly and hence make your partner a romantic feel. As human always want a love from a woman as porn become very useful and much beneficial for us to make a healthy relationship
  • Decrease aggression: Watching porn helps to relax and also provide aggression less attitude toward another. It is helpful for us because, mainly when we choose wrong direction then aggression is automatically made our life negative in nature.
  • Satisfaction of desire: Desires, need and wants of a human being is a major part of their life as satisfaction from porn is better and satisfy their wishes.

What are the cons?

  • Contributes psychological problems: The main problem of being addicted to porn effect on our psychological and mind issue as it changes our attitudes and feels distressed
  • Effect on perception and mindset: Scientists proved porn can have negative effects on mental facilities. Porn always results on our attitude because excessive use of these habits may change your mindset, but if we control our feeling while enjoying in bay area porn festival then it might benefit.
  • Feel uncontrolled: With the help of watching porn, it feels us be uncontrolled of mind and become harmful .As we are much addicted with porn, the main issue is in front of us about, are we doing right things or we are getting right path just because we want t remove stress and all.


Hence the result clearly shows that excessive use of porn is bad for health and our life as we should not cross our limits.