Helpful Tips On How To Get Through Long-Term Use of Male Chastity Device

The chastity belt used to guarantee female loyalty and is used in more and more pants today – in women and men! What purpose does it fulfill and does carrying a chastity belt involve risks? The male chastity guide answers your entire question.

What is a chastity belt?

In its original form, the chastity belt was a steel construction that slipped over the abdomen and around the woman’s waist to close off the genital area. As a result, no sexual acts were possible as long as the owner of the key did not release the access. About when, by whom and where the chastity belt was invented and was first used, the historians argue. Myths about the fact that Crusaders made the lapses of their spouses inaccessible to other men in the middle Ages before they went to war are doubted by many scientists. First, because there is no historical evidence, such as finds from this period, and second,

What role does the chastity belt play today?

Today, the chastity belt is mainly used in the sado-maso and bondage scene. So-called “chastity males and females” (“chastity belt” is the English term for the chastity belt) tie the belt, which is now mostly made of materials such as leather, latex or fabric, into their individual role-playing games – not only women close their most intimate But men also use it to keep their penis locked in. In erotic shops, chastity belts are available in a wide range of variations and are popular as a fetish among lovers of scenarios à la: “You decide when we have sex!” Or “I decide when you will give yourself to me – and only to me!” Google chastity belt and cage and you’ll find out!

As a tingling power game, the chastity during marriage may be a highlight for some couples. However, a permanent padlock in front of the genitals as protection against infidelity can also result in damage to health. Sores, infections due to inadequate hygienic conditions, ulcers and urinary tract problems can occur with prolonged wear of the chastity belt.

Chastity is a practice of BDSM. Hundreds of years ago, there were chastity devices worn mostly by women to protect themselves from strangers and abuse. Today, chastity has another purpose. Meaning is the refusal of the orgasm – and that to increase desire. That’s why chastity addiction is widely-spread. A more intensive partnership can also be sought through chastity, since even cheating is made much more difficult. And men masturbate up to 15 times a week. So much sex is difficult to practice. In contrast, chastity can help. If you’re planning to buy one, it is available at

How does chastity work?

For this a BDSM instrument is used: the chastity belt. This is a device that encases the penis in men and prevents women from entering the vagina. In this article, focus mainly on the chastity of men, because you can report from experience.

Most people who start with chastity begin with a CB6000. This is the classic among plastic chastity belts. It basically consists of two parts, a cock ring and the penis cage. Both can be combined together to form a chastity belt. With a lock, the connection can be fixed and completed. Due to the rigid penis cage, which is placed around the penis like a solid tube, the wearer can no longer masturbate himself by stimulating his penis with his hands. Exactly that is so intentional, because to orgasm the wearer may come only if the partner permits.

Start with chastity

The chastity is a combination of compulsion and liberation. Here it depends on the right combination. Just closing the man’s penis without being sexually stimulated again and again will not help and will make you sexually remove yourself from your partner. Not even as a mere remedy for alienating. Instead, the keyholder should pay attention to the sexual desire of the cuckold. Without experience, it is sufficient to lock the penis initially during a session. Later  also over several days or even weeks. But the cycle of sexual activities should never diminish. So, if you start a sexual session with your partner every two or three days, then you can do that while a partner is locked up. Whether he can come to the climax, decides always the dominant.

With increasing stimulation, even for days, the sexual desire continues to increase. The wearer becomes very docile thereby. It is important, however, only for hygienic reasons, to allow the wearer from time to time an orgasm. This can also be a ruined orgasm by Forced Sucking, in which the chastity belt can remain applied.

When chastising for a long period, it should be noted that the penis is cleaned at least once a daymust become. Especially uncircumcised men must pay attention to the hygiene. For this purpose, the chastity belt is deposited daily, so that the penis can be cleaned. The penis ring does not need to be removed during this time. This also makes it easier to put it on again. When applying the chastity belt, you must make sure that the penis is not excited. You must not force the cage over the penis. A little lubricant should help. The foreskin of the penis likes to pull back when putting on the cage. To avoid that, there is the trick with a pair of tights. The penis is placed there, then it is pushed into the penis cage and then the pantyhose can be pulled forward through the opening of the penis cage. This keeps the foreskin in the right place, which is much more pleasant.

What do I have to pay attention to when chastity belt?

One of the most important things to watch out for is the use of the chastity belt. He should have no sharp corners and edges, as they could hurt the skin. A penis cage should cost at least 80 dollars. All that lies beneath them are often

Top 5 Best Prostate Massagers and Vibrators for Stronger Orgasms

A prostate massage may not always have a sexual starting point; often a prostate massage can alleviate any problems with the prostate or even bring the problems to a close. A massage also helps with problems with urination, as the cause is often an enlarged prostate.

Finding the best prostate massagers for beginners is not easy. The prostate is the prostate of the man. As an exocrine gland, it does not release its secretions into the bloodstream but into the vas deferens. The prostate is located directly under the bladder and has about the size and shape of a chestnut. It can be reached through the ureter or through the rectum – the anal examination method being far more comfortable.

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

With advancing age, the prostate can enlarge – however, the disease can also affect younger men. An enlarged prostate can lead to problems with urination or erectile dysfunction. Other symptoms of an enlarged prostate may include:

    • Weak urine stream, little “pressure on the line”
  • Urination is only possible in stages
  • Constant feeling of a full bladder, continuous urge to urinate
  • Frequent visits to the toilet – during the day as well as at night
  • Incontinence, involuntary urination
  • Burning or pain when urinating

The symptoms listed may also be indicative of a serious illness, so it is advisable to see a doctor if one or more symptoms persist. Because an enlargement of the prostate is in most cases, but not always, benign.

Where is the prostate sitting exactly?

In theory it seems easy – but where exactly does the prostate sit? As mentioned above, the prostate sits directly under the bladder and is bounded by the intestine to the rear and the pubic symphysis to the front. The easiest way to reach the prostate through the anus, because it is located about 3-5 cm behind the intestinal exit. Properly stimulated and massaged, the prostate can trigger ultimate orgasms that cannot be compared to a “normal” orgasm, because it is not for nothing that the prostate is called the man’s G-spot.

However, many men are reluctant to try a prostate massage because of the prevailing opinion that anal sex is only for homosexuals – what a fatal miscalculation! Because actually, most men know it very well – anal sex is incredibly fun and is a really very exciting and sexy sexual variety. Most men have already had anal sex, of course, with a woman. And that’s perfectly fine, but please do not come to the male anus – no dildo and no plug.


Prostate Massage and Anal Sex

After all, men do not need such a thing – they are the active part and not the passive one. Even the thought of it makes some men terrified, and not because they are afraid of possible pain, on the contrary. It is the thought that one could enjoy being filled in and feeling something in oneself. But that’s fine. It does not mean anything if you like anal sex, except that you broaden your horizons and are able to experience orgasms that you used to dream of. At the same time you train the prostate and thus reduce the risk of prostate disease or relieve existing complaints.

To Start: A small prostate stimulator or just a finger

The prostate can be massaged independently by a stimulator, but more beautiful and exciting is the massage by the partner. The easiest way is to feel the prostate first with your finger. So you can slowly approach and develop a better sense of pressure and speed of massage.

With a thorough personal hygiene a flushing of the intestine is not necessary before, however, we carry many aids in our assortment, if an anal rinse nevertheless desired.

Alternatively, the partner can also put on a latex glove. It is important that everyone involved is relaxed and comfortable at all times.

The use of a high quality anal lubricant enhances stimulation. Please be sure to use a lubricant especially for anal use. These lubricants differ in consistency from conventional lubricants because they are not so watery and therefore stay on the skin for longer, because they cannot absorb so quickly.

It does not always have to be the doggy style. At the beginning, it is best to lie relaxed and comfortable on one side and to bend the upper leg.

Entrust your wishes to your partner and give clear instructions. Alternatively, it is a good idea if both partners read this guide thoroughly. Lie relaxed and breathe deeply and evenly.

  1. First distribute some lubricant in the hands to warm up.
  2. If the lubricant gel is lukewarm, it is carefully distributed between anus and testicles (dam).
  3. Take enough time now – at least 10 minutes – and massage and caress the sensitive area around the anus, the perineum and the buttocks.
  4. Slowly approach the anus and intensify the massage directly around the anus. Swipe in different directions and take your time.
  5. Now push gently on the opening, over and over again.
  6. Carefully press and release. You will notice a change soon, because you will be “let in”. Be very careful!
  7. If the finger gradually penetrates deeper, do not move it. This will allow you to get past the sphincter without major problems or even pain.
  8. Be very calm about 1-3 minutes, so that your partner can get used to the new feeling.
  9. Now move your finger slowly and calmly. Try circular movements, as well as back and forth.

Quickly you will notice how relaxing and stimulating a prostate massage can be – and how well it does! With a prostate massage, the blood flow into the pelvic floor area is strengthened, enabling a stronger and longer-lasting erection. This can also intensify orgasm – especially if the prostate is massaged during the act.

Overcome your inhibitions and let it happen! A whole new world of pleasure and sensual pleasures awaits you! The prostate sits, as mentioned above, about 3-5 cm behind the intestinal exit

6 Things To Consider When Getting Started with Anal Play

Freud called female sexuality the Dark Continent and someone once said that if the desire of man had the simplicity of a plug that of women, something more complicated, could resemble the control panel of an airplane. To deny it, girls are more sophisticated in everything, even in sex, and that has also brought us our problems. To continue with the metaphors of the devices, we could compare a typewriter -he- with a computer -she-. The latter fulfills more functions, but also breaks down more easily and requires more knowledge for its proper functioning. The biggest difficulty of the female gender to reach orgasm is one of the bills that must be paid for having precisely that multi-orgasmic capacity. Here is the complete guide for getting started with anal play. But first, visit and join their facebook community They sell the proper toys you need for this guide from traditional, electric and inflatables toys. Speaking of inflatable toys it can turn your sex life around from boring to exciting! You can inflate this toy according to your liking. If you want it tight inside your anus, go ahead and inflate it until you literally get your fill! So, what are you waiting for? Go to Love Plugs, get yourself the toy and turn your sex life around. 

But to think that men are basic and elementary beings that respond to sexual stimuli with the speed of a spring, while we are complicated and difficult to satisfy, would be to maintain a pedestrian and limited view of the matter. They have not come from Mars for a long time, nor have we from Venus. Now anyone can come from a multitude of planets and even be a lunatic, so if it is true that the thing has been acquiring more and more variety and color, as in the bar of Star Wars, has also increased the difficulty when deploying tactics and seduction strategies.

More complex than it seems

If exciting a man was as simple as leaving the largest surface of skin in sight and being so skilled in oral sex that Fellatio could be written for Dummies, the world would be much easier, but I’m afraid that is not the case. Men are, in the end, almost as complicated as we are. They want things that when they see them arrive they fear them; they are tired of always taking the initiative but, often, when a woman does they take those of Villadiego and, in the end, many would wish that their penis was not the master beam on which a night of sex is propped up; but exploring other erogenous zones, as for example its point G -which is located in the anus-, awakens in many the phantom of homosexuality.

Man suffers today an erotic crisis because he is forced to meet very high expectations. The woman, more informed and interested in sex than previous generations, has to feel pleasure and that generates a lot of pressure. In a way, there is still the mistaken idea that there are no frigid women but inexperienced men. In addition, we still have a model of sexuality very focused on geniality, where the star is still penetration, and therefore, the good disposition and functioning of man is fundamental. In the consultations we see that the greatest concern of them is to get the woman to enjoy and reach orgasm, because we remain focused on this goal, when we should be more concerned in obtaining pleasure during the whole sexual encounter, not only at the end.

The five male preferences

Despite all these peculiarities to be taken into account, it is still possible to talk about certain inclinations shared by men in terms of sexual tastes, come from the planet they come from. Valerie Tasso, points out in her latest book, the purpose that women live their own erotic history, without having to resort to those that the flourishing literature of this genre provides, five indisputable male preferences. The trio would be in the first place, of course that this must be composed of two women and one man; He continues to do it in a public place, oral sex, anal and orgies.

For many men sex should be a matter of three and one of their biggest fantasies is to form a triangle. Many men enjoy the idea of ??doing it with two women, because it excites them enough to contemplate two girls together, since, generally, they do not see two lesbians but two heterosexuals playing among them. However, what is most abundant is the opposite: two boys and one girl, perhaps because women are more jealous and because they also get to see their partner with another man, “say this sexologist. Be careful with what you want because it can come true. Generally, the idea of ??playing three bands arises in the male mind and she accepts it to please her partner, but there is also the possibility that the woman will take the pleasure and, after a while, do not settle for just one, as it happened to a friend, to the displeasure of her partner. Do fantasies lose their magic when they become reality? And, above all, do they turn into nightmares when they repeat themselves more than necessary?

The visual excitement

Another idea that our mothers had very clear about male sexuality was that man is a basically visual being, with little imagination to guess what is under clothing. Also that the shortest line between a male goal to knock down and a woman is a generous cleavage or a miniskirt. They did not lack reason and lingerie is still a very powerful weapon, but the theory that man is more excited with visual stimuli has already been ruled out , thanks to an experiment that was carried out at McGill University, in Quebec, Canada, and whose objective was to calibrate the sexual response in both sexes. The scientists used thermograph to measure the radiation, in

Sex Swings: Making BDSM More Erotic with Your Partner

If you want to get started in the bedroom and would like to try unusual and new positions for a change, you will be amazed by the use and practical function of a love swing: Here is not only unrestrained and imaginative sex possible – a love swing in action also ensures that you can overcome difficult positions without sporting achievements and acrobatic contortions.

What is a sex swing?

A love swing is a partnertoy, which is able to turn the partner in the lovemaking and turn around by the special construction. Whether homosexual or heterosexual: A love swing offers support in all imaginable positions and stimulates the imagination of the partners – the more creative, the better! Usually, the love swing in English is also called lovesling and is available under the name of many providers in different price ranges – depending on the materials used and the model, it can be used differently during sex and also during foreplay.

What is a sex swing ensures is that the right amount of spontaneity to make the sex a tingling experience. It does not matter if you prefer anal, Love swings are available in different versions: In addition to the above-mentioned design, there are also sling mats, where you sit on a solid mat or sling boards, where the lower body is seated or rests on a solid and padded seat made of plastic or leather. For on the way there are also so-called “love swings to go” – these are of course not complicated attached by ceiling construction, but usually come with the simple attachment in the door frame. Learn more about sex swings, click here.

How does a love swing work?

Even without much instruction: Beginners are often surprised how easy and uncomplicated the use of a love swing works – provided, however, that it is properly attached. In principle, a love swing resembles a conventional swing – instead of the seat here but adjustable loops made of solid fabric or leather is processed. Both buttocks and legs are placed in the designated loops during use – particularly appealing: Due to the flexible design, the legs can be spread at will, while the intimate area is fully accessible. Instead of putting oneself in the love swing, the passive part can sit there kneeling or lying on one’s stomach – each position has its own special advantages and variants.

The love swing should be chosen in the attachment and installed so that it fits in the height and in their function to the users – nothing is more annoying than if the love swing is so high that you have to constantly stand on tiptoe, so right to get in motion. The instructions for mounting should be observed during installation – otherwise dangerous breakdowns threaten.

What should you consider when buying a love swing?

In addition to the personal taste in terms of design and material should be taken before buying a love swing and the equipment under the microscope.

While low-priced models often do without soft padding, the high-end straps are well padded and therefore extremely comfortable and soft. This is also important because in lovemaking and postures that go beyond a quick quickie, unpadded loops can also squeeze and hurt – so if you want to sit and rock comfortably, you should pay close attention to this detail. Likewise, you should note before buying how resilient the model is – in fact, is in fact at 150 kilograms. Although that seems to be a lot – if you want to use your love swing but not just for one person, the limit of resilience is reached quickly. Since the weight is carried by a tension spring, this should be designed to suit the use in the bedroom and secured accordingly.

Which love swing positions are particularly exciting?

Due to the flexible design, a love swing in the application is simple and uncomplicated – it can start intuitively right after the installation. Depending on the sexual orientation, the passive partner in the love swing can act according to the will of the active partner – many couples simply swap roles and alternate swings. Whether oral, anal or vaginal pleasure: The positions for the love swing are as varied and varied as in almost no other sex toy.

Aircraft: One of the most popular positions in the love swing is the plane – while the passive partner lies or sits, the active partner is between the legs and can come so vaginally or anal to climax. 69: Those who love oral satisfaction will have a lot of fun with the love swing as well – while the active partner stands with his legs spread over the face of the passive partner and turns himself to his private parts, both get sexually at their expense.

Cradle: For the cradle both partners rock together – this variant is also one of the most intense love positions in the love swing. She is especially intimate and is considered by many couples as the best position in the love swing.

A tergo: Even for positions in which the active partner is behind the passive partner, the love swing in action is ideal – here, both anal and vaginal pleasure guaranteed! You see – your imagination knows no bounds. All positions with a love swing will almost certainly be the best position, once you’ve tried them out and explored the many different possibilities with your partner or your partner – one thing is for sure: the love swing makes you want more! More accessories for more intensive moments in the love swing Regardless of the position and the positions; you can also use different accessories when using the love swing. This provides more variety and more intensive orgasms.

Anyone who would like to condemn the partner to silently stand still can also use a gag – or additionally blindfold the eyes.

Dildo & Vibrator: The uninhibited access to the entire intimate

Complete Guide To Using Penis Plugs

An emerging trend in the BDSM world is the insertion of an object into the urethra. The inserted object is called a ‘sound’ or ‘urethra plug’. It is actually a form of masturbation in which the urethra is penetrated with the object. How to use penis plugs? And what are the Do’s and Don’ts? Expert explains!

Sounding, how do you do that?

Sounding literally means the insertion of ‘something’ into the urethra. Stimulating the urethra can be done by both men and women. Yet we see that the trend is particularly popular among men. Many men find the feeling of a stretched and pungent urethra very pleasant and exciting. The stimulation is carried out with a specially made toy or attribute. You can do this with a penis plug or with a dilator. It can be placed in the urethra until the prostate is reached. The stimulation can then be done in different ways. This allows you to make rotating or downward movements with the sound.

Why do people like BDSM?

A dilator is a, usually quite long, rod of surgical steel. This material ensures that it is very easy to clean. They also do not break, so this works safest. The penis plug is often shorter, with a ring at the end. This ring can stimulate the glance extra during the game. The difference between a dilator and a penis plug is mainly in use.

The penis plug is mainly used for extra stimulation. It can make the penis more sensitive, that an erection lasts longer and that the orgasm feels more intense. There are even hollow penisplugs . These make it possible to pass urine and semen. So you can also continue to wear very well if you want to use a penis plug for extra stimulation during sexual intercourse. The dilator is longer and is mainly intended to stimulate the urethra. Available at Lustplugs.

Types of dilators

Dilators can be divided into different categories:

Hegar – The hegar sound has a curved S shape and two ends with different thicknesses. These sounds are easy to insert and are relatively short. This model is therefore very suitable for people who want to try sounding for the first time.

Rosebud – This is one of the best known dilators and also very suitable for novice users. The sound has a ball at one end and a flat handle / rod at the other end. The top is specially designed for stimulation of the bladder. These toys can also be used by women. An example is this set of 3 dilators with round top .

Dittle – The Dittle resembles the Rosebud. In contrast to the Rosebud, this toy does not have a spherical end. The other end of the Dittle is flat and shaped in the shape of a triangle.

Van Buren – this is the most popular dilator among experienced users . This dilator has a characteristic J-shape and is very long. He is also bent at the end so that he can hit and stimulate the bladder or P-spot in the man.

Pratt – the Pratt is a curved dilator that has a convex shape at both ends. This dilator is slightly longer than other models and can therefore be inserted deeper. This dilator is suitable for both men and women.

Vibrating dilators – these models are primarily intended for people who have used a sound more often. You can masturbate with vibrating models. The vibrations provide an even more intense feeling.

Before you start sunning

Before you start sundering, it is important to pay attention to a number of things.

Choose the right model. Inexperienced users can best start with a single model, or a set with different sizes. As a beginner, prefer to leave out an extended set or a vibrating dilator. Do not go directly for a long model. Opt for a plug or a shorter sound, such as a Hegar dilator.

Choose the right size. Sounds have different thicknesses. A set is useful to test which thickness feels the best for you. The narrowest dilators have a diameter of 1.5 mm to 2 mm. The thickness dilators have a diameter.

Choose the material. Almost all dilators are made of stainless steel. This material is sterile. Yet there are also silicone dilators available. These are very suitable for men who want to try a dilator for the first time. The soft silicone material is extra easy to insert and feels less stiff.

Pay attention! As a beginner, never choose the thinnest dilator. The tissue on the inside of the penis is very thin and sensitive. A thin dilator can more easily perforate the urethra.

That’s how you get started

Sounding is a skill that is mainly learned by doing it. It may therefore be that the first time it does not quite succeed. No worries! You will find that insertion becomes easier and easier as you try more often.


Provide a sterile and well-cleaned sound beforehand. You can clean the sound with some alcohol to get rid of any bacteria and mold. Wash the genitals with hot water. Check the sound even more on sharp edges to prevent possible damage. Then take a comfortable position and carefully spread the opening of the penis. If necessary, you can withdraw the foreskin. Choose any lubricant to facilitate insertion. You can apply lubricant in the urethra, at the opening of your glance and at the end of the dilator. Make sure you do not use too much lubricant. The insertion may otherwise become slippery, which reduces the grip on the sound.

The insertion

Now it’s time to bring in the dilator. Do this while the penis is in flaccid condition. When inserting, hold the penis straight up, at a 90 degree angle from the body. Then push in the sound about a thumb width. Then carefully insert the rest of the sound. Due to gravity it tends to slide inwards. Therefore, try