6 Things To Consider When Getting Started with Anal Play

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Freud called female sexuality the Dark Continent and someone once said that if the desire of man had the simplicity of a plug that of women, something more complicated, could resemble the control panel of an airplane. To deny it, girls are more sophisticated in everything, even in sex, and that has also brought us our problems. To continue with the metaphors of the devices, we could compare a typewriter -he- with a computer -she-. The latter fulfills more functions, but also breaks down more easily and requires more knowledge for its proper functioning. The biggest difficulty of the female gender to reach orgasm is one of the bills that must be paid for having precisely that multi-orgasmic capacity. Here is the complete guide for getting started with anal play. But first, visit and join their facebook community https://www.facebook.com/loveplugs. They sell the proper toys you need for this guide from traditional, electric and inflatables toys. Speaking of inflatable toys it can turn your sex life around from boring to exciting! You can inflate this toy according to your liking. If you want it tight inside your anus, go ahead and inflate it until you literally get your fill! So, what are you waiting for? Go to Love Plugs, get yourself the toy and turn your sex life around. Or alternatively you can try you luck with Lovegasm instead. Check the link above for feedback on reddit.

But to think that men are basic and elementary beings that respond to sexual stimuli with the speed of a spring, while we are complicated and difficult to satisfy, would be to maintain a pedestrian and limited view of the matter. They have not come from Mars for a long time, nor have we from Venus. Now anyone can come from a multitude of planets and even be a lunatic, so if it is true that the thing has been acquiring more and more variety and color, as in the bar of Star Wars, has also increased the difficulty when deploying tactics and seduction strategies.

More complex than it seems

If exciting a man was as simple as leaving the largest surface of skin in sight and being so skilled in oral sex that Fellatio could be written for Dummies, the world would be much easier, but I'm afraid that is not the case. Men are, in the end, almost as complicated as we are. They want things that when they see them arrive they fear them; they are tired of always taking the initiative but, often, when a woman does they take those of Villadiego and, in the end, many would wish that their penis was not the master beam on which a night of sex is propped up; but exploring other erogenous zones, as for example its point G -which is located in the anus-, awakens in many the phantom of homosexuality.

Man suffers today an erotic crisis because he is forced to meet very high expectations. The woman, more informed and interested in sex than previous generations, has to feel pleasure and that generates a lot of pressure. In a way, there is still the mistaken idea that there are no frigid women but inexperienced men. In addition, we still have a model of sexuality very focused on geniality, where the star is still penetration, and therefore, the good disposition and functioning of man is fundamental. In the consultations we see that the greatest concern of them is to get the woman to enjoy and reach orgasm, because we remain focused on this goal, when we should be more concerned in obtaining pleasure during the whole sexual encounter, not only at the end.

The five male preferences

Despite all these peculiarities to be taken into account, it is still possible to talk about certain inclinations shared by men in terms of sexual tastes, come from the planet they come from. Valerie Tasso, points out in her latest book, the purpose that women live their own erotic history, without having to resort to those that the flourishing literature of this genre provides, five indisputable male preferences. The trio would be in the first place, of course that this must be composed of two women and one man; He continues to do it in a public place, oral sex, anal and orgies.

For many men sex should be a matter of three and one of their biggest fantasies is to form a triangle. Many men enjoy the idea of ??doing it with two women, because it excites them enough to contemplate two girls together, since, generally, they do not see two lesbians but two heterosexuals playing among them. However, what is most abundant is the opposite: two boys and one girl, perhaps because women are more jealous and because they also get to see their partner with another man, "say this sexologist. Be careful with what you want because it can come true. Generally, the idea of ??playing three bands arises in the male mind and she accepts it to please her partner, but there is also the possibility that the woman will take the pleasure and, after a while, do not settle for just one, as it happened to a friend, to the displeasure of her partner. Do fantasies lose their magic when they become reality? And, above all, do they turn into nightmares when they repeat themselves more than necessary?

The visual excitement

Another idea that our mothers had very clear about male sexuality was that man is a basically visual being, with little imagination to guess what is under clothing. Also that the shortest line between a male goal to knock down and a woman is a generous cleavage or a miniskirt. They did not lack reason and lingerie is still a very powerful weapon, but the theory that man is more excited with visual stimuli has already been ruled out , thanks to an experiment that was carried out at McGill University, in Quebec, Canada, and whose objective was to calibrate the sexual response in both sexes. The scientists used thermograph to measure the radiation, in terms of temperature, emitted by the genitals of the subjects of the study, while they contemplated different images: sexual and non-sexual. Both men and women began to feel excitement in the first 30 seconds. The first reached its peak in 664.6 seconds, while the women took longer, 743 seconds, but the stimulus in both sexes was the same.

If until now the woman was not a pornographic consumer, it was not so much because this form of excitement was not the most appropriate for her sex, but because the type of erotic material was designed to be consumed by man. Since there is a more feminine pornography, women are becoming fond of this kind of movies.

The toys that make it work

When it comes to anal play, selecting the right type of dildo can significantly enhance comfort and pleasure. Glass dildos are highly recommended for their firmness, smooth texture, and ability to retain temperature. Their rigid structure ensures precise stimulation and allows users to apply the desired pressure without the toy bending or giving way. Rubber dildos, on the other hand, offer a more flexible and softer alternative, which can be more forgiving for beginners. Their pliability allows them to adapt to the body's contours, providing a more comfortable experience for those new to anal play. Many rubber dildos are made from body-safe materials like silicone, which are non-porous and hypoallergenic.

Ultimately, the best type of dildo for anal play depends on personal preference, experience level, and specific desires, but ensuring the toy is body-safe, non-porous, and easy to clean should always be a priority.

The other oral sex

If the sense of sight is paramount, then the sense of hearing is essential, and most men find it very exciting to hear the moans of their partners. A friend of mine even recorded them and then listened to them with multiple purposes. If the sounds are added some good texts and dialogues, the thing goes in crescendo. We should all be encouraged to be more talkative in bed and noiselessly express our feelings, although it is likely that soon the moans will swell the long list of prohibited things that increases every day, and that are unpatriotic, or that endanger the security of the authorities. Take advantage then.